Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee writes (most of) the scripts for Superpub.  He holds a Master’s degree in Rhetoric, which was excellent preparation for writing jokes about Spider-Man’s hand getting stuck to his wang in the bar bathroom.  Money well spent, I would say! He also loves Micronauts The New Voyages # 8 more than you do, and that’s just something you’re going to have to live with.

If you’d like more Ryan Lee, he co-pilots Chronic Insomnia, the world’s most absurd (and filthiest) comics podcast at chronicinsomnia.podbean.com  You can also read his comics market analysis at ooptrades.com

Monster Mike 

Monster Mike Draws (most of) the Superpub comic strips. He holds negative 30 degrees in Celsius right about mid-January in New Brunswick, Canada where he lives with his wife and two daughters.

His favourite beer is Guinness and his favourite drink is an old Fashioned made with Crown Royal Black. He is willing to trade a convention sketch card for either. Seriously.

As a former co-host of Where Monsters Dwell, he is giddy as a school boy to have his first webcomic published under their umbrella.

Ryan & Mike & Stanley