Ryan Lee Blu-Ray Commentary

This bit actually happened.  Once upon a time there was a Robin named Jason Todd.  Everybody hated him. EVERYBODY.  So Jim Starlin had the Joker take a crow bar to Jason Todd until he stopped twitching, and then the DC brass decided to let the fans decide whether or not Robin 2.0 would survive the assault. There were two 1-900 phone numbers to call, one for Robin’s life, and one for his demise.

I’ve never seen hard data on the results, but I recall the muckity-mucks saying the voting was close.  Which was weird, because Jason Todd was about as popular as peanut butter and tumor ice cream.  Should have been a landslide.  Anywho, the fans voted…and Robin snuffed it.

Jason Todd came back from the grave, as these characters inevitably do.  I just thought it would be funny if he checked Batman’s phone records and found out this mentor gave him the thumbs down.

I gave Mike two endings to choose from (poetic without meaning to be) and he took the better one.  I think the other one was actually funnier, (he tries to blame it on Alfred) but this one is MUCH more in line with Batman’s character.

Monster Mike Blu-Ray Commentary

I chose this ending because it had Wren throwing the phone records up in the air and I wanted to draw that. Also, this one called for more subtle acting for Colugo, which I enjoyed.

This script is the very latest one. There are several more that came in ahead of it but as soon as I read this one, I had costume designs and poses going through my head and I had to get them out. I don’t know if I’ve said it quite enough but I’m enjoying the hell out of doing this comic. I hope that shows through in the work.
I’m still constantly trying new things with the process. For instance, on this one, I did only one rough sketch of both characters to scan into Affinity Photo (what I’m using now in place of Photoshop). I then drew all of the clean poses out on transparencies above the initial sketch, changing arms here, raising eyebrows there. After this was done, I assembled all of the clean drawings on a template I use for creating the comic strip. Printed that out and inked it. The result was a much cleaner scan of the inks.
I’m hoping at least a handful of you care about all of that.
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