Ryan Lee Blu Ray Commentary

The Captain Sensitivity bit sprang from the Batgirl # 41 Joker variant, and the inevitable outrage that ensued.    It’s very hard to tackle an issue that complex in a three panel gag…but really, the crux of it is pretty simple if you let it be.

Somewhere along the way, the world got really weird.  In the bizarro 21st Century, power now comes from claiming oppression.  When institutions reward victim behavior, guess what? We get more and more and more victims.  It works because modern culture has forgotten the potent power of a very simple question:

So what?

Stanley has not forgotten that question.  If Captain Sensitivity could see past his own nose, he’d realize that Stanley’s position ultimately works out for him as well.  Because other folks will want to be rid of things Capt. Sensitivity likes, and Stanley will protect those things, too.  But the good Captains of the world, although proclaiming to be oh so sensitive, aren’t very good at seeing past their own narrow self interest.  I believe that borders on irony, yes?

Another fantastic design by Mike.  I can’t decide what makes my hand curl into a reflexive fist more – is it the top knot, or the bow tie?
Monster Mike Blu-ray Commentary
I’m the one to blame for taking this comic strip in a ‘political statement’ direction. Something on the internet ruffles my feathers and there I am firing off a half-cocked e-mail to Ryan, pestering him for a script to help me unleash my venom on the world. He always comes through and all I can hop is that he’s as into it as I am.
There seems to be a strange phenomenon happening in the world and I think in pop culture it really has a magnifying glass held over it. Say what you will, agree or disagree, but I notice that when a very vocal subset of our community gets an idea in their head, it seems that another 33% of us fall all over ourselves to banish from the web whatever content offended them.
For the most part, that’s fine with me. Generally speaking, the content in question is something I can take or leave, as my interests pretty much skew in the direction of nostalgia from the 60’s and 70’s.
Every once in a while, though something like the outcry for attention over the Batgirl/Killing Joke cover rears its ugly head and I just have to say something. I’ve had numerous Facebook and Twitter ‘discussions’ about it. On one occasion, I was sure I had one ‘lady’ attempting to bait me into saying something she could then use to get her army after me. Luckily for me, I kept a level head and I was able to outmanoeuvre her.
So this strip pretty much encapsulates my thoughts on the whole thing (thanks to Ryan who is slightly more eloquent with matters like these). For a society that is so quick to defend freedom of speech, we also seem to be just as quick to condemn anyone who uses that freedom to say anything we don’t like or may make us feel ‘oogie’, to borrow a phrase from Chronic Insomnia.