Ryan Lee Blu Ray Commentary – For my money, there’s no reason to do a super-hero strip unless you’re going to take the piss out of the comics themselves.  Comic book “death” has become so trivial, I just thought it was funny that expiring might not even get you out of a moving obligation.  I always worry a little about alienating folks with the in-jokes, but really,who doesn’t know Crisis on Infinite Earths?  If you don’t get the Barry reference, your homework is go read Crisis immediately.

Monster Mike Blu Ray Commentary – I loved the simplicity of this script. This, I think, is the first gag we’ve done that doesn’t need the second read-through to grasp the entirety of the joke (and the cerebral ones, are ones I like, don’t get me wrong). Of course, it’s our ‘Flash’ analogue who is present while they refer to ‘Barry’ being dead – not a co-inkie-dink. Knowing what’s to come, I’m really enjoying the “Meta” scripts Ryan has been sending me. As far as the art, I’m not 100% happy with this one. Perhaps I’ll “George Lucas” it some time later but for now, it’s about getting the work done. At this stage in the game, I’m still twiddling with the process. Soon, you’ll see the format change slightly as I find my way…more on that later.

…and go read Crisis immediately.