Ryan Lee Blu-Ray commentary –  Once upon a time Milo Manara drew a picture of Spider-Woman and the Fuzzy Bunnies lost their ever lovin’ minds, as per usual.  Mike wanted to tackle that, and I was little worried because we’re working so far ahead I thought it might be “old news” by the time it reached an audience.  But you know what?  People are still referencing and talking about this!

It’s all much ado about absolutely nothing, of course.  The problem with 21st century discourse is that we learned the lessons of the past a bit TOO well.  These days standard wisdom is to assume that any sexy depiction of a woman is there to deliberately reduce her to nothing but sex.  This is juvenile, reductive, emotional reasoning that does nobody a lick of good.

I approached the strip from both sides, because I think that’s healthier and more like life.  Yes, that Manara pose looks fairly ridiculous if you break it down objectively.  She looks like she has a hella case of scoliosis.  But I also had the characters staring at a woman’s ass, because I don’t know how to break it to the “holier than thou” crowd, but that’s how life works!  If your father didn’t admire the cut of your mom’s backyard back in the day, well….you wouldn’t be here.  PS  he probably appreciated other things about her as well.

So I say “hurrah” to celebrating sex appeal!  I’d like to think those two crazy Spider-Kids make a love connection someday.  Hmmm….who could possibly make something like that happen?


Monster Mike Blu-Ray Commentary

Between Tuesday and today (so, yesterday) we got our first bad review from some jackass on the internet who called this one “The shittiest thing I’ve ever seen”. What I find most ridiculous in that statement is that he isn’t calling it the shittiest COMIC he’s ever seen but the shittiest THING he’s ever seen. Of all the things this weirdo has seen, this is the shittiest. I’m assuming he’s also seen actual shit, just to put it in perspective.

I knew what I was potentially getting myself into when I launched this ship with a certain Louden Swain of podcasting, Ryan Lee. Hell, our second comic ever was about bodily fluids left behind in a washroom. I will say this: I hope this comic offends someone. Not in the way that I hope someone feels bad about themselves or decides to put a gun in their mouth over a three panel gag comic. I want this comic to engage you. Challenge your convictions. Even if it’s uncomfortable for a bit. I think Ryan can do that. In fact, I think he’s quite brilliant at that and I hope I can keep my end up so it all filters through unencumbered.

I thought the outrage over the Manara Spider-Gal cover was one of the more ridiculous things to happen in pop-culture in recent memory. I even lost track about what the outrage was over. Was it the pose? Was it the anatomy? Was it the artists body of work? Who knows? The internet wanted to be upset, so they got upset at…something, anything.

I welcome any well-meaning bloggers out there to give me a trace-over anatomy lesson, letting me know where I went wrong and how I could have re-worked the pose to convey THEIR message better. To hell with what I wanted to convey. I mean, I’m just the cartoonist, right?

Sometimes a girl just really wants to get into that drink. Schlerp.