Ryan Lee Blu Ray Commentary
Not much to say here, other than to announce that I need some kind of 12-step program to break my Joey addiction.  When in doubt, the strategy at my writing desk seems to be:

“How can we pick on Joey Del Mar?”

Kudos to Mike for the assist with the “Roboil”.  That was definitely not in the script, and it’s pitch perfect for a synthezoid.  I dunno…the joke is pedestrian, but it is a little funny to me that Quantumex is able to handle calculations that can defeat an Ultron, but nobody has a system capable of being nice to Joey.
Monster Mike Blu Ray Commentary
My challenge this week was to design a character that was clearly The Vision, but also have him be something we could lay claim to if/when the lawyers came knocking. I like what I came up with. the colour scheme is very The Vision, but I added the transparent brain case and the Bender door on the chest to set him apart.

Thanks to Ryan, we’re amassing quite a catalogue of characters. I’m having a blast quasi-designing them all.