Ryan Lee Blu-Ray Commentary

Just to have everybody on the same page…once upon a time Joe Quesada decided that a married Spider-Man was a dull Spider-Man. Naturally he had Peter Parker broker a deal with Mephisto to undo that.  Most men just cheat and leave their phones out for their wives to discover.  The paperwork usually follows shortly.  But not Spider-Man! He needed Satan to erase his nuptials from the universe.  Anywho.

More importantly, Taint looks terrific!  Looks like Mike has the Arachnoid in a Miles Morales-style costume.  Not sure if that was always the case, but that also looks good.

After the last strip, the idea of the Man-Swamp cooking jalapeño poppers in the kitchen entertains the crap out of me, too. It’s a fun little world we’re building.  Maybe the whole Legion of Monsters is back there. Michael Morbius washing dishes!  That would make my day….

Monster Mike Blu-Ray Commentary

I’m quite pleased with our Venom analog’s name: Taint. It works on so many levels.

When Ryan sent me the script for this one, I was hesitant because villains aren’t supposed to be in Superpub. But, he also mentioned that Venom is pretty much seen as an “anti-hero” these days. That’s good enough for me. The design is pretty much a straight rip on the Erik Larsen/Mark Bagley, wagging tongue version of Venom.


I added a spider web texture to finish it off and then I realized I forgot to draw the webbing on Arachnoid. So I put the texture on him as well. That will be the look going forward.