Ryan Lee Blu-ray Commentary –  I’m sure Mike will remember it completely different, but I think Superpub was born Saturday November 8 at the Foggy Goggle.  We were relaxing after Halcon, and Mike had consumed a beer or four.  He looked at me and said “I should draw comics, and you should write them, my friend.”  This is not unusual talk for creative types shuffling away from sobriety, so I didn’t give it much weight immediately.  But then Mike started dropping the skeleton…”I think we should do Cheers with superheroes”.  Huh. That could actually work, I thought.  Then I thought; “Yeah, but what if I’m really bad at it, and everybody thinks it’s stupid.”  These are the terrible thoughts that all (or at least most) artists I’ve known have about themselves.  These thoughts are not terribly useful, by the way.

At any rate, Mike seemed pretty sincere about the whole thing and also had a viable plan, so I tried to think of strips at the airport on the way home.  He deserved that, at the very least.  That would have been November 10.  I couldn’t think of anything and got frustrated and dropped it.  I had a four hour layover in Toronto, and I couldn’t come up with a single idea that made me laugh.  That seemed like a bad sign!

Then while I was driving home, I approached the thing from a different runway and got a strip to fly in my head.  First thing I did after plopping my suitcase on the floor was to find my Nick Bradshaw “Wolveroni” commission and stare at it lovingly.  Second thing I did was type up a little script for the gag I came up with in the car and sent it to Mike.  I figured that I had done my part and showed him that I was sincere about making an effort, and the ball was in his court.  I didn’t expect much to happen immediately since Mike was a guy with a full time job, and a family, and a wife with a baby due in the next 15 minutes or so.  This little project of ours would not be high on the priority list.  Imagine my surprise to see the ball come back over the net less than 24 hours later…Mike had turned the script around finished pencils and inks the next day!  And it was the goods, too.  That’s when I knew this had a chance to actually be something.

Monster Mike Blu-ray Commentary – To say that I remember the origin of Superpub differently than Ryan would be to say that I remember it at all. I recall the night at the Foggy Goggle. I remember beer. An Old Fashioned was ordered at one point.

“Cheers with superheroes” sounds pretty brilliant to me, so if those words came from my lips, I guess I should be happy about that. If only I were as creative while sober.

I do know that for as long as I’ve known Ryan Lee, I’ve considered him one of the more clever fellows I’ve had the pleasure to countenance, so when he hit me with that initial script, i jumped on it.

I jumped on it fully believing he had come up with a pretty fantastic idea and was cold calling me with it. Later, while talking over the specifics of this thing, I made sure to tell him that this was a 50/50 gig. Maybe I came up with the initial concept but he held tight and actually did something with it.

For years, I’ve wanted to do work in comics. I’ve floundered away, starting project after project. I’ve let a lot of people down with my wishy-washiness. The truth is, that I’ve always lacked that extra bit of courage that it takes to put a part of yourself out there for the world to judge. Until now.

Outside of my family and friends, there are three things that I love; Comics, Superheroes and Alcohol. I’m excited to begin this journey and I’m happy you have taken the time to judge this piece of me.